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Unlocking the potential of roofs

We believe that roofs represent unused potential, especially in these times of climate and societal change. For us, they are multifunctional platforms that can meet the challenges of climate change adaptation, energy transition, and better living for us and nature in cities. It’s why our group of companies and partners, are unlocking the potential of roofs for everyone through world-class techniques, applications and materials.

Our group unites
innovation & sustainability

We are on a journey to a more sustainable future, one that we believe can only be achieved through continual innovation. That means seeking out and implementing bold new product ideas, cutting-edge materials and embracing circular economies. By doing so, buildings will become smarter, more cost-efficient and highly sustainable creating a positive impact on society.


Joining Primutec means becoming part of an entrepreneurial team that supports you throughout your career, offers a safe work environment, lots of opportunities and is highly rewarding.


Be part of a world-class roofing services community striving for a sustainably built environment. Capitalise on the support of an expert team whilst you remain highly entrepreneurial and autonomous.


Our customers can choose from full project control where we handle everything from inception to completion. Or we can partner with them to develop their project on anything from service plans to budgets.

Be the best of you,
make your next career
move to Primutec

As a group we
grow together, yet
thrive independently.


Draw on the resource in the group to develop and finance your strategy.

and inspire

Access the capabilities and expertise of fellow industry leaders within the group.


Connect with an expert team who can support you with legal, finance, HR and IT.

We’re industry experts delivering
world-class sustainable roofing services.